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Giving the Gift of Care

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"Get Out My House!"

Consider this scenario: You have been assigned to be a companion to an individual by a home care agency. You have completed the necessary house chores, engaged in a lovely conversation with the person and finally prepared a healthy meal. So what do you do if the person you are caring for demands that you leave their home? You had assumed everything was going so well! Questions begin to bombard your mind: Was the house cleaning not thorough enough? Was the dynamic conversation somehow a tedious one in reality? Did the food upset his stomach?

No matter what questions come to your mind or how many times you ask the person what you did wrong, you may end up with no answer. When a client of an agency, like All Care Living Assistance Services, for example, firmly requests that he wants you dismissed from the premises, you must respect his wishes. However, you should call the office before leaving and ensure that an All Care representative is aware of the circumstances. The client will have an opportunity to explain the problem to the representative and further directives will be given from there. The last thing you want to do, is leave hastily and allow the incident to appear as though you left voluntarily.

If you know for certain why the person does not want you as a companion any longer, then do not act oblivious. Step up to the plate and accept responsibility, no matter how big or small you wrongdoing is.

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Caring for another individual can be a very troublesome task, especially if you are working for an agency and you are dealing with people you barely know. Everyone is different. Each person has their own distinct personality and their own preference to how things are done. As a caregiver, one must learn to be flexible at all times because the clients’ needs are what should be held as a priority.

Remember: Patience is a virtue.

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Get Out and Be Active!


The ideal picture of an elderly female enjoying herself would probably be that of a peaceful white-haired lady in a rocking chair, knitting a sweater or some socks for her young grandchild. The second image would have to be that of the same woman smiling while she retrieves a hot tray of cookies from the oven—her grandchildren awaiting the treats eagerly.

Geriatrics, today, have truly broken the stereotypical behavior of the elderly. The best example that I can think of is none other than, actress Betty White. She is truly a dynamic woman who generations of TV audiences have grown up with. Judging from her many appearances on interviews, she appears to be the kind of woman who would prefer a jog in the park rather than a quiet evening alone at home.

Get out and be active! Don’t just assume that the person you are caring for would rather stay indoors. Take a stroll in a nearby park or around the block. 

Get to know the heart of the individual you are caring for so that it will be easy to create daily plans of activities. There will be those who refuse to go outside, so have some fun indoors! If he or she enjoys music, then the person may like dancing, singing or clapping their hands. Encourage self-expression by having the person paint, draw, and work on some art projects.

Be creative and have fun too!

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Caregivers and Dealing with Anger

Being a caregiver is not an easy job. It can cause one to feel overwhelmed and often times, stressed. For the individual being taken care of, there can be any range of emotions, but how do go about helping your loved one when they are constantly agitated, become violent at times and have spontaneous outbursts?

As a caregiver, your job is to be there for that individual and be attentive to his or her every need. Every human being has their days of frustration and irritation, especially when the things he/she could easily do at one point has become increasingly difficult. Relying on another for help is not so easy for some individuals. Some feel as though their independence has been robbed, but you, as a companion, can help them erase this false notion from his or her mind. Here are some helpful tips that I found in an informational brochure written by Mardi Richmond.

  1. Remember that anger is a symptom
  2. Respond calmly
  3. Look for physical causes
  4. Avoid confusion
  5. Plan for quiet times
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Assess danger
  8. Keep yourself safe
  9. Evaluate episodes
  10. Create a calm and safe home

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The Sun and You

All four Seasons that “Mother Nature” provides are truly amazing and enjoyable in their own Ways. Autumn, for its cool weather and beauty as the green leaves on the trees transform into an array of different colors. Winter, for the snowflakes that fall and the ability to turn any area into a stunning winter wonderland. Spring, for its floral bloom and rebirth of nature. And Summer, for its warm weather, BBQ’s, and beach/pool time.

Here in NY, we are fortunate to experience all four seasons and as New Yorker’s we know the weather is always unpredictable. This summer appears to be a HOT one so please protect your skin. One thing that has not changed is the sun’s harmful effect on human skin. The hot weather has people from all over running to the local beaches to tan. Tanning has become such a huge epidemic for women and men. The desire to become darker has become so popular that there are tanning salons available all year round to individuals who are impatient on the suns summer rays. UV rays seem to be of little concern to those who feel no need to utilize sunscreen.

Ultraviolet, or UV rays, is emitted from the sun daily. Its light can be very damaging to the skin, due to radiation. People fail to realize that the sun releases UV rays every day, and that includes cloudy days. When the sun is blazing in the sky, it is best to cover unconcealed skin in sunscreen to prevent sunburn. You will be thankful that you did, later.

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Summer Days

While you’re out and about enjoying those hot summer days, think of those older adults you know and love so much. Give the Gift of Care with All Care Living Assistance Services.

Help a loved one today by providing them with the Gift of Care.

Here at All Care, we believe everyone deserves a gift that enables them to overcome some of their obstacles. The “Gift of Care” allows one the opportunity to receive companion services along with many other services we provide from another for a certain time.

Everyone loves receiving gifts so why not provide them with a gift that is worth while… The Gift of Care!

Please Call (914) 667-0023 today for more details.